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Painting is taught in all mediums and techniques based on the interest and skill level of the student. Classes are taught with an emphasis on unlocking the student’s creativity while also helping develop their motor skills (for toddlers and younger kids). Students are introduced to the magnificent world of colors, color palettes, color charts and the art of mixing and matching colors to create unique colors and color effects. All art supplies are provided by the Studio.


This drawing course deals with the basic understanding of line and form of objects, heads and figures. It deals with the basic understanding and application of perspective, proportion, gesture, and foreshortening. Through the use of line, tone, and modeling, students will learn to depict objects and figures. 

Still Life Painting

This is a studio course exploring the different forms compositional approaches. Life drawing and painting is encouraged and Skill in paint handling will be developed using still life, figure and landscape as subject.


This painting course will introduce the painting process, beginning with the importance of color, value and value relationships. Monochromatic and limited pallet color schemes will also be explored and the use of various brushes, painting mediums and surfaces will be demonstrated. Simple compositions will lead to various painting approaches including realism and impressionism.


Introducing the medium (paint, paper, brush) and different techniques. Students are not supposed to have knowledge about drawing, but if they have, that would be an advantage for themselves. They will learn how to deal with brush, paper and water while making paintings of landscape, still life, and abstract. 

Mixed Media Drawing & Painting

The primary goal of this course is to further explore various mediums and surfaces. Experimentation is encouraged early in the course.  Students can choose objective or non-objective motifs. Design, use of mediums and quality control will be the primary criteria for critiques.

Studio Landscape 1

Students will create studio landscapes from studies and photos and will understand the nature of light and understand the concept of light, color and atmospheric perspective. The course will stress on the building of medium landscape paintings from references understanding Nature and Atmospheric perspective.

Studio Landscape 2

Students will create ambitious landscape paintings from studies and photographs. The course stresses complete development of large finished landscape paintings through various stages of  Developing strong composition, design, light effects, and personal style will be encouraged.


This course offers an in-depth study of classical drawing principles through the rendering of a 3D form. Concepts including the 5-value system of tonal rendering, composition, value pattern, variation of form and cast shadow edges are intensively explored. Emphasis is placed on careful analysis of light and shadow relationships.

Color Study/ Theory

This hands-on class will provide students with a visual, theoretical and practical education in color. Scientific information will be presented in conjunction with a series of projects designed to personalize the course and its content, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the student’s capacity to make informed color choices in their artwork.

Cityscape Painting

Students will address problems unique to the cityscape, including objects of transportation and structures. Students will learn the painting of people as objects or shapes within the painting, rather than as subjects. The principles of dramatic light and shadow, atmospheric perspective, focal point and perspective will be developed.

Abstract Painting 

In this course, abstraction is created from objective and non-objective sources. A strong emphasis is placed on composition, alignment, color, texture, shape relationships and paint application. The course stresses the importance of abstract painting as it relates to all forms of painting, and abstract painting as its own art form.

Figure Drawing

This course builds on the study of the model starting with basic figure drawing. Emphasis is on gesture, structure, form and proportion. Light and shadow are examined, particularly as they apply to defining form and anatomy. This course develops the artist’s ability to represent the human figure in pictorial space. Drawings are based on observation from life and the study of old master drawings. Emphasis is placed on proportional accuracy, foreshortening and the use of form and cast shadows to achieve convincing three dimensional form.

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We all love this place

“My son loves the art class and we are always impressed by with the art projects he bring home. The owner Deepa is a loving, creative, and competent artist. She has students in all ages, and she has a true gift for making everyone feel artistic and truly talented, which I think is very important for young kids. Keep up the awesome work, Deepa! We all love this place.”

— Xiaoyun Y.

Her teaching is very inspiring!

“Deepa is a very knowledgeable teacher. She'll ask you first what you'd like to learn, what drawing/painting techniques. You can choose to draw or paint with oil, acrylic or other materials, it's up to you. You can draw or paint your own ideas and she'll guide you through. Her teaching is very inspiring and she is pleasant person to learn from.”

— Margo C.

Deepa is the best teacher we got.

“My daughter has been learning art for so many years, and Deepa is the best teacher we got.”

— J.W.